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The Power of Rebma

We all know there are various mirror magics referred to for Rebma. Here's one more version.

This is built along a partial power system.

The basic level of the power is the initiation, allowing you the ability to perceive and apply uses. The first level of each power costs, say, five points, and allows you to use mirrors as a source for vision. The second level allows you to actually manipulate things directly in the mirror. The third level allows you to manipulate the vision in such a way that you can see past the mirror.

Powers of Reflection

The basic powers rely on the special mirrors and glasses Rebma artisans create for this magical purpose. While regular mirrors (both flat and curved varieties) can be utilized, the special propensity of Rebman waters assist even the minor dweomers to which almost all Rebman citizens are heir.

Reflect Self
At the basic level, Reflect Self allows the observer to see truth in one's own form, from magical changes in guise, geasa placed upon one, psychic parasites, and other manipulations of form.

At the intermediate level, Reflect Self allows one to use this identification as a Psychic Defense, forcing all of these changes away from the original, pure identification.

At the intermediate level, Reflect Self can be given another level wherein it is now known as Reflect Other and true identification of another's form will be revealed to the power's wielder.

At the advanced level, Reflect Self can be Reversed, including hiding and/or manipulating the view of one's self from others' Reflections, including, at another level, offering a defense of misdirection via Multiple Images

Powers of Projection

Just as the basic initiation allows for reflections, what about projection?

Project Self
Allows your image to be seen in someone else's mirror (as prepared for such.) This is likely useful for communication, although a GM may force more points for something that allows sound/thought/whatnot.

Project Other
The obvious advancement to Project Self.

Project Self/Other (Multiple)
Start getting a little silly; Multiple Man and the Mirror Image spell ideas may apply here. Again, using a mirror enchanted to do this is not a prerequisite, depending on how your GM interprets the variables.

Also consider the ability to project other things besides people; create mazes, hide doorways? Rebma's full of this stuff, IMC.


One of the main abilities of Powers in Amber are those of transportation. If you look at it, all of the Big Three (Pattern/Logrus/Trump) are powers related to moving people through the universe. Therefore, allowing transportation of images or items THROUGH mirrors seems to put the power into the Big category.

Other Manipulations

Magic Mirrors lists a number of mirrors of history, as well as Wikipedia's Mirrors in Literature, The Magic of Mirrors, and Reflections in Fantasy Fiction for additional ideas. Other potential manipulations include, but are not limited to...

Reflect Possibilities (Self/Other)
Just as Trump can be used as Tarot, perhaps one can use a mirror to scry the future. Would it be in images, as the mirror follows, or perhaps more ambiguous?

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