July 28, 2003

Houses of Lessima

I mentioned a little about Amicus Herdmind on my It Slices! It Dices! blog and it made me think that maybe I ought to fill these houses out in a little more detail here.

Lessima started with the idea of a renegade House of Chaos that was denied Logrus, and the power and strength that developed there. I put them closer to the Abyss, hoping to harness the degenerative forces there into stronger shapeshifting. Since then, they've become a standard facet of our personal game.

Our "standard" houses are:
Amicus (non-human organic creatures)
Pahth (healing)
Anro (additional body parts)
Crow (chemicals)
Shauning (bodily enchantments)
Spectre (insubstantiality)

There are several additional ones:
Crystal (inorganics)
Pneuma (persona shifting)
Vino (light and sound)
Shunting (alternative mass)
Plicature (extendibles)
Poverant (stamina maintenance)
Ethereal (clairvoyant shiftings)
...and more.

The LintKing developed an "Insectile" enemy version of each of these, which are quite creepy.

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